Varioshake VS 15 R - rocking shaker

Varioshake VS 15 R - třepačka s houpavým pohybem
Device type:Shaker
Maximum speed:50 rpm
Note:Digitální zobrazení
Dimension of moving base:450 × 450 mm
Max. amplitude:
Rotational Speed:2 - 50 rpm
Shaking motion:Swaying
Maximum load:15 kg
Quantitative unit:ks
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Specifications and features

  • Powerful and quiet rocking shaker, long-lasting
  • User-friendly microprocessor technique
  • Excellently applicable for continuous operation
  • Digital shaking frequency readout and setting via LC-display, in steps of 0.5 rpm, gentle start-up
  • Remaining time indication through LC display
  • RS 232 serial interface for trouble-free data transfer
  • Clearly laid out control panel for easy operation
  • An a.c. motor with overload protection drives the unit
  • Compact, low-wear counterbalanced drive mechanism, ensuring dependability for continuous operation at slow rocking motion
  • Constant speed independent of load
  • Housing made of high impact strength polystyrene
  • Comprehensive range of accessories 


This model has proven itself through reliable and perfect work, also for continuous operation, and is always called upon when the best possible supply of parallel cultures and cell lines is required, or for staining or discoloration of gels. The unit is well-suited for use in laboratories, incubation and moderating rooms in ambient temperatures between +10 and +50 °C. 

Optional Accessories:

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