G 7835

G 7835
Description:Mycí automat
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  • Free-standing machine with frontal filling and folding door.
  • Can be placed as a free-standing device or incorporated into the existing laboratory equipment.
  • A 304- and 316-grade stainless steel wash chamber provides superior corrosion resistance and helps extend overall machine life. The G 7835 also includes a validation test port for monitoring of chamber conditions.
  • Framework with lateral isolation - low heat and noise emissions.
  • Control Unit:
    Profitronic: Profitronic control system with programmable wash options, available automatic basket recognition (AWK), RS 232 for connection to printer or PC, and multiple selectable languages on an easy-to-read LCD screen
    Standard: 11 standard wash programs with 8 utility programs
    Custom: 45 available spaces for custom wash programs to be created and stored
  • Cleaning Mechanisms: Rotary Direct Injection - Dual spray arms located at the top and bottom of chamber. Upper, lower or dual injection baskets available.
  • Direct connection of upper baskets and injector trolley to supply water.
  • Profi Monoblock water softener
  • Flow meters on incoming water lines allow precise water fills, helping to increase overall water savings.
  • A standard steam condenser eliminates the need for an external vent, preventing potentially harmful vapours from entering the laboratory.
  • Miele’s four-stage filter system keeps debris from reaching the pumps, helping to prevent both redeposit of contaminant on glassware and pump damage due to debris in the sump area.
  • Drying aggregate / radial ventilator for hot air drying.
  • A powder door cup is standard for easy detergent dispensing. Liquid detergent dispensing available with optional external DOS G60 module.
  • Main wash and DI rinse temperatures are fully adjustable from ambient to 95?C. Temperature is monitored by dual sensors for superior accuracy.
  • Optional automatic basket recognition.
  • Batching plant: 1 dosing pump DOS 10/30 for liquid, acid medium, 1 dosing pump DOS 60/30 for liquid detergents, drawer for 2 chambers (5 l), connection for batching plant DOS G 60 and DOS G 10.
  • G 7835 accepts a variety of interchangeable standard and direct injection baskets. Baskets can be easily changed to allow maximum flexibility from load to load.

Optional accesories G 7835:

  • 2 additional peristaltic-type batching plant (DOS G 60 - for liquid disinfectant, DOS G 10 - for liquid rinding detergents).
  • Force-pump for free-flow of DEMI water supply
  • 1 batching plant (DOS G 60 modul) for liquid detergents
  • Pedestal, height 300 mm