FX-300i-PT - Pipette Accuracy Tester

FX-300i-PT - Tester přesnosti pipet
Capacity (maximum):320 g
Min. weighing value:0,001 g
Quantitative unit:ks
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  • Detailed decription
  • Automatic mass-to-volume conversion and accuracy judgment using the special "WinCT-Pipette" software
  • Judgment by your preferred criteria - manufacturer specifications, ISO8655, or your own
  • Includes an evaporation trap to minimize errors due to evaporation
  • Three models covering a wide volumetric range
  • Portable carrying case for testing easily on-site (not recommended when a 0.001 mg resolution is required)
  • Printing function to have paper-based test records
  • Standard liquid thermometer for precise mass-to-volume conversion
  • Standard calibration weight and tweezers to maintain the balance accuracy
  • Pipetting training capability
  • RS-232C (with a Serial / USB converter)