DPLMP-11 - Deluxe PICCLineMan Training Package with Articulating Head

DPLMP-11 - Deluxe PICCLineMan Training Package with Articulating Head

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Simulab's Deluxe PICCLineMan System Training Package with Articulating Head includes the PICCLineMan System, a Peripheral Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) training simulator that allows medical professionals to train using real-time ultrasound guidance during catheter placement. The package also includes 25 non-sterile PICC guidewires, two normal replaceable tissues, one obese, and one geriatric tissue. The Articulating Head adds realism to your training. Practice the complete PICC Line insertion procedure, including guidewire insertion, dilation, and full cannulation.

The trainer includes the basilic vein, brachial vein, cephalic vein, brachial artery, and median nerve. Palpable anatomy includes the antecubital fossa, clavicle, sternum, acromion, ribs one through seven, and the 1st to 4th intercostal space. The PICC line trainer offers value with its durable ultrasoundable, realistic tissues that endure repeated use.

Studies have shown that standardized PICC line training can result in medical error reduction. The importance of medical simulation becomes more and more evident; PICCLineMan offers a cost-effective method to improve patient safety.


  • PICCLineMan Training System (PLM-10)
  • Two Normal PICCLineMan Replaceable Tissues (PLMT-10)
  • One Geriatric PICCLineMan Replaceable Tissue (PLMGT-10)
  • One Obese PICCLineMan Replaceable Tissue (PLMOT-10)
  • One Set of 25 Non-Sterile Guidewires (NSG-20)
  • One Articulating Head (AH-10) 


  • Excellent for ultrasound-guided peripheral venous access hands-on training
  • Anatomically correct human torso and partial right arm at a 90-degree angle with landmarks
  • Differentiate arterial and venous blood to present positive or negative results
  • Positive flashback of simulated blood upon successful venous access
  • Median Nerve is visible under ultrasound and adds realism in brachial vein access
  • Self-sealing veins and skin for multiple cannulations
  • Replaceable Normal, Obese, or Geriatric tissue sets allow for multiple uses
  • Arterial pulse and proper landmarks are present under real-time ultrasound to help avoid and detect errors
  • Optional Articulating Head enhances realism and allows for team discussions of complications

Palpable Landmarks

  • Antecubital Fossa
  • Clavicle
  • Sternum
  • 1st-4th intercostal space
  • Acromion
  • Ribs 1-7
  • Humeral Head

Ultrasound Anatomy

  • Basilic Vein
  • Brachial Vein
  • Cephalic Vein
  • Median Nerve
  • Brachial Artery
  • Humerus 


  • PICC line procedure including guidewire insertion, dilation, and complete cannulation
  • Peripherally Inserted Catheterization using Basilic, Brachial, or Cephalic Veins
  • Normal, Obese, and Geriatric tissue options allow for assessing patient variance in vessel depth and sizing
  • Use ultrasound guidance during catheter placement
  • Palpable anatomic landmarks clinically relevant for measuring catheter length
  • Digital X-Rays provided to support the student's pathway in predicting optimum SVC tip position
Cannula, injection, puncturing - filter
Catheter insertion
Quantitative unit
DPLMP-11 - Deluxe trenažér pro nácvik periferně zavedeného centrál. žilního katétru PICCLineMan s pohyb. hlavou

DPLMP-11 - Deluxe PICCLineMan Training Package with Articulating Head