Desperate Debra - Impacted Fetal Head Simulator

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The following training skills are possible: 

  • Identification of fetal head position with palpable fontanelles, variable degrees of flexion and asynclitism
  • General introduction to caesarean section and fetal head delivery
  • Successful delivery of an impacted fetal head at caesarean section with adjustable degrees of difficulty


The Desperate Debra® simulator is highly realistic featuring a pregnant abdomen with pre-cut caeserean incision, uterus and fetal head of a birthing mother with a unique mechanism to replicate fetal head impaction.  

  • Palpable fontanelles in fetal head
  • Variable degrees of fetal head rotation, flexion and asynclitism
  • Unique mechanism to replicate fetal head impaction with variable degrees of difficulty
  • Simulated pelvic bone cast from life 


  • Desperate Debra® simulator
  • Lubricant
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carrying case with wheels and handle for easy transportation