Cervix Primipara for simulator Charlie and his mum

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The Charlie and his Mum Obstetric Trainer is designed specifically for medical practitioners to assess cervical dilatation and fetal presentation.

The user simply places the cervix over Charlie's head and then stretches it until the desired dilation is achieved.

The Charlie and his Mum Obstetric Trainer comes with three cervixes, which are, from left to right, primipara, multipara, and oedematous.

After lubricating the cervix with a water-based surgical lubricant the head can then be inserted into the opening at the back of the model.

Using this method the user can have any fetal presentation and cervical dilatation they wish.

The Charlie and his Mum Obstetric Trainer is made of a very soft, highly elastic, and very durable material.

It is easy to clean, and following simple maintenance instructions ensures the models will last a long time.

They are also easy to repair if they are accidentally damaged.