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The Gynaecological Trainer is a highly realistic simulation of the female reproductive organs. Made from a very life-like material, it allows the medical practitioner to practice everyday procedures such as bi-manual palpation, pap smears, and the use of the speculum.

The Gynaecological Trainer has a unique clip-on system that enables the user to quickly and easily change over to a different uterus of a different size or pathology.

The clip is a simple and effective design. It's flexibility allows it to simulate the movement of the uterus on the cardinal ligaments when pushing on the cervix during bi-manual palpation. To change over a uterus, simply turn the model over, unscrew the clip from the back, swap over the uterus, and re-attach the clip.

The Gynaecological Trainer comes with seven different uteri. They are, from the top and left to right, hollow, small, medium, large, ovarian cyst, fibroids and retroverted.

The highly realistic nature of the anus on the the Gynaecological Trainer makes it possible, particularly for the student, to feel the close proximity of the bowel to the birth canal.

The Gynaecological Trainer is made of a very soft, highly elastic, and very durable material.

It is easy to clean, and following simple maintenance instructions ensures the models will last a long time.

They are also easy to repair if they are accidentally damaged.