D7 - Polarimeter

Polarimetr D7
Polarimetr D7Polarimetr D7Polarimetr D7
Polarimeter D series is a very high quality instrument capable of measuring the rotation of optically active samples.
Range - Angular (°A):0 ... 360
Range - ISS (°Z):-30 ... +130
Division - Angular (°A):1
Division - ISS (°Z):1
Quantitative unit:ks
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  • Detailed decription
  • Polarimeter Model D and sodium lamp outfit has been the primary choice of leading industrial and academic institutions throughout the world, offering practical assessment of optically active materials combined with high accuracy measurement.
  • The Model D7 polarimeter has angular and (ISS) sugar scales for tubes up to 220mm in length, a micrometer drum for accurate readings, and is supplied with one 200mm sample tube. 
  • The instrument accepts sample tubes of lengths of up to 220mm and is used for measuring concentrations and optical rotations in the food, sugar, flavours, fragrance, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • The Model D7 Polarimeter is also extensively used in schools and colleges as an educational tool.