BT-SEEM2 - SHERPA X CPR training model

SHERPA X model pro nácvik KPR
SHERPA X model pro nácvik KPR
Basic life support - filter:Adult torso
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SMRT CPR Simulator that makes trainee and trainer satisfied at the same time

Sherpa X is designed to motived the trainees to participate in the training by themselves. It is a smart learning assistant which trainee and trainer are satisfied at the same time by experiencing various modes.


Intuitive CPR Interface

Intuitive platform that anyone can use.



Possible to connect up to 6 manikins at the same time, Great for group training



Self-motivated, fun training with game mode and ranking function at result


Editable Guideline

Guideline can be easily edited according to the curriculum, 3 presets can be saved.



  • Chest Compression, Airway, Ventilation skill practice needed for basic life support available
  • Total number of chest compression and number of good chest compression are displayed - Instant compression depth displayed
  • Chest compression depth and rate can be checked with LED lamp
  • Detect Incomplete recoil and over-compression
  • Sound (On/Off) alarmed once user make the proper compression depth and speed
  • Sound and LED Lamp can be turned on/off for an advanced training
  • Checking chest rising visually once user gives the proper artificial respiration
  • By attaching offering magnetic stickers to AED trainer pads, AED trainer pads can be used semi-permanently
  • Hygienic training condition with self-repairable face-skin and lung
  • Storage case can be used as a mattress pad
  • Operated with Batteries and A/C adapter
  • Detailed information about chest compression(depth, location, rate, number, recoil, hands-off time and etc.) and ventilation(volume, rate, number and average etc.) can be displayed through BT’s S/W
  • Compression location, ventilation can be checked through BT’s S/W
  • Training and evaluation with BT’s S/W
  • Available to check evaluation result and print it out through BT's S/W
  • Evaluation up to 6 manikins through Bluetooth connection
  • Able to evaluation a group and make a rank by using a training result
  • Training result can be saved in PNG format and exported to Excel format
  • Guideline can be adjusted through S/W


  • Adult Torso
  • Magnetic sticker for AED trainer pads
  • Lung bag
  • Face skin
  • Storage case
  • AC Power Adaptor
  • USB cable

Options (sold separately)

  • Tablet
  • Power bank