BT-CSCM - Male Catheterization Simulator

Simulátor pro nácvik mužské katetrizace
Simulátor pro nácvik mužské katetrizaceSimulátor pro nácvik mužské katetrizace
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Training environment more similar to clinical situation

  • We make a training environment which is more similar to clinical situation by using a wide range of catheters and a water-soluble lubricant jelly
  • Realistic resistance during insertion of urinary catheter
  • When a catheter enters the bladder, artificial urine will come out
  • External genitalia is separable from the buttocks/Easy to maintain
  • Indwelling Catheterization and Intermittent Catheterization
  • Practice with various size(Fr) of catheter


  • Life-like practical training
  • Make position similar to the real patient
  • Any water-soluble Jelly being used at clinical situation can be applied
  • Training with various size of catheter is available
  • Non-return valve : Prevent leaking after taking catheter out.
  • Checking fluid after correct insertion of catheter at the right position.
  • Foreskin (attachable / detachable)
  • Genital organs and buttocks are attachable : easy to maintain


  • Adult buttocks model: 3.5㎏ (430×280×200㎜)
  • Storage case: 2.4㎏ (440×330×390㎜)
  • Total: Approximately 6㎏