BS 25/T - Transparent Brain Model

BS 25/T - Průhledný model mozku
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Natural size, made in SOMSO-Plast®. After Prof. Dr. Dr. J. W. Rohen, Department of Anatomy of the University Erlangen. The model separates into 15 parts as follows: Transparent left cortex of the brain with sinus sagittalis connected with a part of the base of the skull, the cervical vertebral column with spinal cord and vertebral artery; right transparent cortex of the brain, right half of the sphenoid bone, removable brain stem (dismantable into right and left halves), right and left insular cortex, left striate body, right capsular interna, corpus callosum, fornix, limbic system and ventricle system as a whole, right and left halves of the cerebellum. Mounted on stand with green base.

Height 30 cm., width 18 cm., length 20 cm., weight 1.1 kg