Drunk and Dangerous Package (with glasses)

Sada „opilý a nebezpečný“
Sada „opilý a nebezpečný“
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This teaching tool will give any alcohol education program an added dimension, allowing the instructor to deliver a powerful message quickly and clearly. Drinking and driving are a deadly combination-a point graphically demonstrated, especially to young people, using the Drunk & Dangerous glasses. Because the glasses' simulation of drunkenness is so real and intense, wearers can't help but realize that alcohol really does make driving dangerous. Glasses do not represent a specific blood alcohol concentration.


  • 1 pair of Drunk & Dangerous Glasses—Specially designed glasses alter vision, perception, and balance to provide a realistic simulation of intoxication. Includes case.
  • Drunk & Dangerous Remote Control Car—Let participants “drive” a car while wearing the glasses. They will quickly learn that left seems like right, and even keeping the car straight is nearly impossible—exactly like trying to drive a real car while intoxicated. Champagne glass traffic cones are provided to help set up a road course.
  • Drunk & Dangerous Beverage Set—Reinforce with your group that drinking and driving often ends in catastrophe with these plastic simulated alcohol glasses, each with a smashed car inside.