B-150DMRPL - Monocular digital microscop

B-150DMRPL - Monokulární mikroskop digitální
Monocular, objectives 4× / 10× / 40×, X-LED illumination
Microscopes types:Digital
Number of eyepieces:Monocular
Number of lenses:3
Zoom of lenses:4×, 10×, 40×
Quantitative unit:ks
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  • Detailed decription
  •  Observation mode: Brightfield.
  •     Head: Monocular, 30° inclined; 360° rotating. With integrated 1.3 MP camera.
  •     Eyepiece: WF10x/18 mm, secured by screw.
  •     Nosepiece: Quadruple ball bearings revolving nosepiece.
  •     Objectives:
  •     – N-PLAN 4x/0.10 , with anti-fungus treatment
  •     – N-PLAN 10x/0.25 , with anti-fungus treatment
  •     – N-PLAN 40x/0.65 , with anti-fungus treatment
  •     Specimen stage: Mechanical stage, 125x116mm, 70×30 mm X-Y movement range. Vernier scale on the two axes, accuracy: 0.1mm.
  •     Focusing: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with limit stop to prevent the contact between objective and specimen. Adjustable tension of coarse focusing knob.
  •     Condenser: Abbe N.A. 1.25, pre-centered, focusable, with iris diaphragm.
  •     Illumination: X-LED1 with white 1 W LED and light intensity control.
  •     Color temperature: 6,300 K. Li-Ion battery for long lasting operation. Multi-plug 100-240Vac/5Vdc external power supply.