AR70 - Digital Cricoid Pressure Trainer

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  • Detailed decription
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Internal anatomy offers realistic feeling during palpation of the tracheal rings, cricoid cartilage, cricoid ligament and thyroid cartilage
  • A translucent skin covering is also included to aid visual anatomical understanding, whilst a flesh tone skin covering can be used as proficiency is gained and in scenario based simulation
  • A full colour digital display offeres instantaneous visualisation of the degree of cricoid pressure being applied and whether this is correct or too much or too little
  • The unit can be switched into the timer/feedback mode which records how long the correct cricoid pressure was held for and presents an easy to understand graph at the end of the procedure allowing for instant debriefing and discussion
  • The digital display can be set to Newtons or Kilograms
  • Exam mode hides the display of the current applied pressure, helping trainees gain proficiency in application of the correct pressure using muscle memory
  • Battery or worldwide mains power compatible


  • Palpation of the throat anatomy and correct identification of landmarks
  • Application of the correct cricoid pressure
  • Maintenance of the correct amount of cricoid pressure
  • Recognition of too little or too much cricoid pressure applied and its implications in patient welfare


  • Cricoid pressure trainer base and throat anatomy
  • Flesh tone skin covering
  • Low voltage mains adaptors with worldwide plug fixings