AC9/7 - Scopin II (Broncho Boy) Trainer

AC9/7 - Scopin II (Broncho-boy) trenažér
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A teaching model for:

  • Flexible fibre-optic bronchoscopy
  • Rigid bronchoscopy
  • Fibre-optic-guided naso- and orotracheal intubation
  • Laryngoscope intubation
  • Autofluorescent bronchoscopy

Broncho-Boy incorporates a number of innovations enabling its use in a variety of training settings, including:

  • Retroflexion and left-right rotation of the head for laryngoscopic, oro-tracheal and bronchoscopic intubation
  • Acoustic warning signal if excessive pressure exerted on upper teeth by rigid tube or laryngoscope
  • Slightly widened and softer nasal passages for fibre-optic guided, naso-tracheal intubation; reduced danger of damage to sheath
  • Interchangeable, membrane connected bladders enabling stethoscopic confirmation of ETtube placement
  • New, spring-based supports form tracheo-bronchial tree, increasing pliability, and greatly reducing likelihood of bronchoscope damage
  • Includes interchangeable fluorescent tracheo-bronchial system (AC9/8) with ‘cold’ areas of reduced fluorescence for practising autofluorescent bronchoscopy

Available Supplies

  • AC9/8 - Flourescent Bronchial Tree