AC6/6 - Bladder Phantom for Endoscopic Examination

AC6/6 - Bladder Phantom for Endoscopic Examination

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Phantom comprises:

  • Natural size trunk made of special plastic
  • On a base
  • External female genitalia with urethra and stretchable opening to the bladder (removable inspection window and closure cap)
  • Six interchangeable parts demonstrating characteristic bladder diseases:
    • Papillary bladder tumour
    • Trabeculated bladder
    • Urinary calculus
    • Broad-base bladder tumour
    • Fibrinuous cystitis
    • Radiation cystitis
  • For examination, the endoscope is inserted through the urethra via a stretchable opening in the bladder
  • By changing the lens – pro-grade urethra optic or bladder optic – the shaft can remain in the urethra and bladder
  • Examination routine can be checked through the inspection window

Optional Accessories

  • AC 6/8 - Pathological Changes
Quantitative unit
AC6/6 - Měchýřový fantom pro endoskopické výkony

AC6/6 - Bladder Phantom for Endoscopic Examination