AC20 - Hospital Training Baby

AC20 - Nemocniční cvičná figurína dítěte
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  • Detailed decription
  • Similar in weight and size to a four week old baby
  • Made in a flexible plastic
  • Articulated neck, shoulder and hips
  • Interchangeable male/female thoracic and abdominal walls
  • Replaceable temporal vein, urinary bladder, stomach and intestine, thigh and buttock injection pads

Training techniques:

  • Injection of temporal vein (replaceable)
  • Insertion of nasal and stomach tube
  • Catheterisation, male and female
  • Injections in buttock and thigh
  • Stoma care on male body
  • Catheterisation of the umbilical vein on the female body

Optional Accessories

  • AC20/1 - Hospital Training Baby with Aluminium Case
  • AC20/A - Hospital Training Baby, Asian
  • AC20/B - Hospital Training Baby, Black