A283 - Luxury system skull

A283 - Luxusní členěná lebka
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On the right hand, transparent side of this worldwide unique representation of a skull, the para- nasal sinuses (maxillary sinuses, ethmoidal sinuses, sphenoidal sinus and frontal sinus) are differentiated in colour. The skull blood supply (cranial sinus), the arteries of the face and neck (common carotid artery, external carotid artery, internal carotid artery) and the branches of the meningeal artery are also represented in colour. A half of the brain is located in the right half of the skull, the position of which is visible also from outside. The left half of the skull shows the bony structures with a removable nasal septum. The skull is mounted on a cervical vertebra and both halves of the roof of the skull, the left half of the base of the skull in addition to the entire mandible, the nasal septum and one half of the brain are removable.