A10 - The dynamics and conservation of mechanical energy

A10 - Dynamika a zachování mechanické energie
29 Feasible experiments.
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363 Points
  • Detailed decription
  • Motion
  • Motion is relative
  • Reference systems
  • Trajectory
  • Displacement
  • Time table
  • Tools for the experimental study of motion
  • Manual time counting
  • Automatic time counting
  • Average speed
  • How to measure average speed
  • Instantaneous velocity
  • How to measure instantaneous velocity in one point
  • How to measure instantaneous velocity in two points
  • Average acceleration
  • How to measure average acceleration
  • Instantaneous acceleration
  • Various types of motion
  • Uniform rectilinear motion
  • Uniformly accelerated rectilinear motion
  • How to achieve uniformly accelerated motion
  • Causes of motion
  • The concept of force in dynamics
  • When no forces are applied to a body
  • When an impulse is given to a body
  • Friction
  • When a constant force is applied to a body
  • Taking stock of the work
  • Mass
  • Fundamental law of dynamics
  • Interactions
  • Forces at work
  • Work when the force is not constant
  • Elastic force
  • Work of the elastic force
  • Conservative forces
  • Concept of energy in physics
  • Kinetic energy of translation
  • Gravitational potential energy
  • Force of gravity is conservative
  • Elastic potential energy
  • Conservative forces and potential energy
  • Principle of conservation of mechanical energy
  • Periodic motions
  • Gravitational pendulum
  • Energy of a swinging pendulum
  • Elastic pendulum