808-6001 - Trauma Randy Upgrade Flash Moulage - Arm Flash Moulage

Trauma Randy rozšiřující maskovací sada - zranění ruky
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  • Detailed decription
  • Ideal for training staff to prepare them to manage trauma stabilization
  • Bleeding system is easy to use, provides hours of training, and features rapid changes in presentation for students and department members
  • Realistic Flash Moulage System is designed for easy, rapid-fire use
  • Deploy detailed moulages in seconds with the option of bleeding or non-bleeding presentation
  • Includes a trauma arm (right arm brachial overlay), packable wound (inside arm approx. 1/3 of arm depth opening to 12 mm, inside cavity 20-25 mm), a left amputation arm, radial amputation for left arm, and bleed to stem with brachial tourniquet