80300 - Enhanced Caesarean Section Module (ECSM) - PROMPT Flex (Light)

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The Limbs & Things Enhanced C-section module for the Birthing Simulator - PROMPT Flex is the ideal platform for practising the necessary skills required when performing both routine and complex caesarean section. Trainees can have exposure to delivering a difficult baby such as an impacted fetal head (IFH), or a transverse lie.

A pre-incised abdomen allows for repeated delivery practice to help improve confidence and familiarity of manoeuvres, including the Patwardhan's technique, reverse breech extraction, and the use of a fetal pillow.

Designed with haptics and anatomic realism in mind, the module features realistic abdominal skin that has realistic appearance (including a fat layer and feel of an at-term abdomen), a realistic feel uterus interior during delivery, and the head and shoulders present are at a realistic level in relation to the uterine incision.

The module is to be used in conjunction with our Birthing Simulator - PROMPT Flex Standard and Advanced, which allows for the creation of multiple simulated labor training scenarios, and is an ideal training solution for all skills relating to both routine and emergency deliveries. The birthing simulator may be used for hybrid simulation as well as stand-alone bench top training.

Other modules that work in conjunction with both PROMPT Flex Standard and Advanced include:

  • Post-Partum Hemorrhage
  • Cervical Dilatation & Effacement
  • Compression Suture Uterus
  • Cervical Cerclage Lower Legs

Please note: This module is not suitable for use with the pre-2020 PROMPT Flex Baby and Advanced PROMPT Flex baby. Customers that own these products will need to purchase the PROMPT Flex Enhanced Baby – Standard.


  • Uterus holds baby firmly in position for cephalic, breech and transverse presentations
  • Fundal pressure can be applied to aid delivery of the baby for IFH manoeuvres
  • Pre-incised skin allows easy repeat delivery practice
  • Realistically mimics the restrictive space of the pelvic inlet for IFH manoeuvres
  • Accommodates retraction using metal, plastic or rubber retractors


  • Abdominal skin has realistic appearance, fat layer and feel of
  • at-term abdomen
  • Realistic feel of uterus interior during delivery
  • Head and shoulders present at realistic level in relation to the
  • uterine incision


  • Allows for training in routine and complex caesarean section
  • at full dilation


  • Latex free


  • Cephalic and breech delivery
  • C-section at full dilation:
    • Head disimpaction using vaginal push methods
    • Use of balloon disimpacting device
    • Reverse breech extraction
    • Patwardhan's techniques
  • Transverse lie
  • Instrument assisted C-section delivery
  • Delivery of the placenta for routine c-sections
  • Teamwork and human factors training in emergency
  • C-section