70230 - Hand & Wrist Injection Trainer

Cannula, injection, puncturing - filter:Upper limbs
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Suitable for all levels of training, the NEW Hand & Wrist Injection Trainer allows trainees and clinicians to practice and teach injections in five different locations within the hand and wrist. An anatomically correct representation of a man's hand with important landmarks and underlying structures, the palpation-guided trainer allows for injections into the Carpal Tunnel, De Quervain's Sheath, Trigger Finger, First Carpometacarpal Joint, and the Distal Radioulnar Joint, whilst the presence of the Median Nerve adds another level of realism and complexity.

The trainer comes equipped with an Android tablet, which works in unison with our newly developed app. The app, coupled with innovative sensory technology, provides learners with wireless, real-time feedback from the procedure. An Interactive Anatomy element allows users to rotate the detailed model anatomy 360 degrees so each injection site can be viewed and analysed from a number of angles.


Model allows for injection into:
  • The Carpal Tunnel
  • De Quervain's Sheath
  • Trigger Finger
  • 1st Carpometacarpal Joint
  • Distal Radioulnar Joint
  • Model also includes technology that ensures trainees avoid the Median Nerve
  • Patient positioning and management
  • Identification of anatomical landmarks