559897 - ROBOTICS Add On IoT

559897 - ROBOTICS Add On  IoT
559897 - ROBOTICS Add On  IoT
Additional set for IoT for the Robotics Base Set
By age and focus:STEM Robotics
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Top Facts:

  • Robotics add-on set for Robotics TXT 4.0 Base Set
  • Contains 72 components
  • A quick-to-build model and 6 exciting experiments for secondary schools
  • Printed building instructions included
  • Suitable for group work of 2 to 4 pupils
A professional way to get started with measured value recording with the Robotics Add On: IoT! In combination with the Robotics Base Set, the stationary sensor station can be used to measure air temperature, humidity, air pressure, air quality and brightness. The sensor station can be programmed and controlled with the graphical programming software ROBO Pro Coding and the ROBOTICS TXT 4.0 controller, and is ideal for teaching topics such as (data logging, programming and the use of actuators and sensors. Measured values are recorded via the connection to the TXT 4.0 Controller with a cloud memory where sensor data can be stored and accessed, then collected and graphically displayed. The different sensor data can be reviewed continuously on the user interface, called the “Dashboard”. This can also be used for remote control of the camera, which swivels on two axes. The Robotics Add On: Teaching materials including six experiments and associated solutions are a great addition to the IoT set.


  • Data acquisition
  • Network connections
  • Cloud computing
  • IoT

In the education set included:

  • Environmental sensor
  • Brightness sensor

Technical Data:

  • Number of models 1
  • Number of parts 72
Absolutely necessary: Robotics TXT 4.0 Base Set
Ideal complement: Robotics Add On: Autonomous Driving, Robotics Add On: Omniwheels,Robotics Add On: Competition