5435 - Photoelectric effect - Planck's Constant

5435 - Fotoelektrický jev – Planckova konstanta
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  • Detailed decription
Thanks to this apparatus you are allowed to study photoeletric effect, this instrument is a good starting point to study quantum mechanics. It is basically composed of two parts: a phototube and a control unit (in which is built-in a voltmeter and a nanoammeter). Three LEDs, with wavelength known, are supplied: they are used as monochromatic light sources. The light intensity could be varied from 0 to 100%.
The photoelectric effect or photoemission is the production of electrons or other free carriers when light is shone onto a material.
You will be able to check the relation between the energy of the emitted electrons and the wavelength of the incident radiation: you will be able to calculate which is the value of the Planck constant using Einstein notion regarding photoelectric effect.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 24V DC
  • Voltmeter 4 digits, sensibility < 2mV
  • Ammeter 4 digits, sensibility < 5nA
  • Button to cut off current
  • LED light adjustment 0-100%
  • Anodic tension adjustment
  • Three LEDs (red, green, blu)

Dimensions and weight:

  • Control station 19x13,5x6cm weight 370g
  • Phototube base 13x18x15,5cm weight 560g


  • How to use it
  • Historical notes on the nature of light
  • Electromagnetic waves
  • Intensity of electromagnetic waves
  • Photoelectric effect
  • Photoelectric cell
  • Work function
  • Threshold frequency
  • Characteristic graphic of a photocell
  • Stopping potential
  • Kinetic energy of electrons doesn't depend on radiation intensity
  • The number of emitted electrons depends on radiation intensity
  • Summary
  • Einstein quantum theory
  • How Einstein quantum theory explains events
  • How to value threshold frequency
  • How to measure Planck constant