50143 - Umbilical Cord (Pack of 5)

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Simulated umbilical cord for identifying the vein and arteries and practising cannulation techniques relevant to an intermediate level of training for resuscitation of the newborn.


  • Insertion of cannula into umbilical vein for venous access
  • Withdrawal of blood for sampling
  • Tying off the umbilical vessels


  • Non-biological material: no hygiene issues or philosophical problems
  • Realistic representation of the umbilical vessels - blood filled large vein, two smaller arteries, twisted within a soft tubal structure and simulated Wharton's Jelly
  • Suitable for introduction of catheters up to FG5
  • Size to suit Baby Umbi
  • Dimensions:
    • 12mm outside diameter
    • 220mm length

Package supplied

  • 5 Umbilical Cords