4705 - Articulated Human Medical Study Skull

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This premier anatomy skull is a composite of 22 separate cranial bones and 32 separate teeth. It is articulated bone by bone from the completely disarticulated version (Ref.no. 4706) and is cradled on a stand with both parietal bones separated, thereby giving access to the interior of the cranium. The 32 separate teeth may be removed individually. This skull of a probable young adult female is finely detailed, showing all the foramina, canals, sutures and minute details of a real skull. Please note that this skull does not disarticulate more than what is shown on the image except that the all teeth are removable. A report by Dr. Boaz titled „Osteological Tracing of Cranial Nerves“ is available and will be sent with the purchase of this skull. The report contains two charts and an 22 x 28 cm poster titled „Bristle through bone: An osteological model approach to teaching the cranial nerves and foramina,“ presented at the American Association of Anatomists/ Experimental Biology meeting in April 2006 by Noel Boaz and David Kronen.

Case and stand included.