Swine Breeder

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Life-size rear end simulator of a female swine to teach proper swine artificial insemination and birthing techniques. Students can sit on the swine to simulate checking for standing heat, replicate AI techniques, simulate farrowing piglets and train on normal and abnormal delivery positions.

  • Ability to sit on rear to replicate standing heat
  • Corkscrew reproductive tract
  • Transparent reproductive tract to learn key AI techniques (removable)
  • Farrowing reproductive tract to simulate piglet birth (removable)
  • 2 piglets to show different birthing situations that may occur during farrowing


  • Educational teaching on swine is second only to bovine education within AG, so there is a large interest in swine breeding and pregnancy


  • Swine Breeding has certain benchmarks and identifiers that are unique for swine. Being able to teach, practice, and assess help students get comfortable with accomplishing the real thing
  • Swine pregnancy can get tricky if there are any issues with the piglets getting caught in the reproductive tract, it is important to be able to know the issues, how to identify the issues and work with the issues