Small Cow Bundle (5 Pack)

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Set of 5 hands on models, each 1/10 the size of an actual cow.  Allowing for your students to gain insight to the anatomy and workings of the cow. Each model features realistic details of internal and external cow anatomy, including the reproductive system, digestive system, and udder structures. When separated at the midline, 13 organs and body parts can be removed and studied.

Product includes:

  • 5 identical anatomical cow models


  • Cow anatomy is a huge importance as a student learns about not only the cow but the systems of the animal, it is important to have students understand how the systems (digestive, reproductive, muscular) work with each other


  • Giving students the opportunity to work with their own cow to understand the different parts of the cow anatomy
  • Allow for students to become familiar with the cow and gain confidence in different assessments from anatomy, meat cuts, and animal care.
  • Gives students a one-on-one opportunity with cow anatomy understanding