Corn Stalk Model

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  • Detailed decription


  • Corn Stalk, corn cob, healthy leaves, unhealthy leaves 14 leaves total
  • 6 healthy leaves - 2 large, 2 medium, 2 small
  • 8 deficiency leaves - 2 larges, 3 medium, 2 smalls
  • Quick Start Guide & Anatomy Worksheets
  • Replacement leaves & cob


  • Many classes teach about the corn plant in the winter (when they don’t have corn stalks planted) or they don’t have access to get a full stalk for the classroom teaching.  Also many times they can not replicate the distress that nutrient deficiencies cause.


  • Allows you to always have a corn stalk in your classroom with both healthy leaves and leaves with nutrient deficiencies
  • Allows your students to visually understand the different issues of each deficiency so when they see it in the field, they can know what it is and how to correct it
  • Teach students these important signs so that they do not loose money due to crop loss