3010 - Skeleton Bert, muscle marking, ligaments

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Combination of the 3004 and 3008 models offers marking of muscle origins and insertions on one half of the body in addition to the articular ligaments in the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee. The model has the following characteristics:

  • Natural casting of a human skeleton 
  • Representation of all anatomical details, fissures, foramina and processes
  • Skull can be dismantled in three parts
  • Removable arms and legs
  • Gliding joints in shoulder, hip and ankle
  • Leg can be dismantled at the knee, removable foot
  • Movable shoulder blades
  • 5-leg, safety castor-mounted stand
  • Articular ligaments of knee, hip, elbow and shoulder on one side
  • Marking of muscle origins and insertion points on one body side

Size: 176 cm
Weight: 9.5 kg