1842 - Galilean relativity

1842 - Galileova relativita
10 experiments
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When the reference changes
Galileo's transformations
The invariant quantities
The position of an object
The length of a segment
The speed
The force
The momentum
Kinetic energy
The invariance of mechanical laws
The first law of dynamics
The second law of dynamics
The principle of conservation of momentum
Conservation of momentum and Galileo's relativity
The principle of conservation of kinetic energy
Conservation of kinetic energy and Galileo's relativity
Pendulum oscillations and Galileo's relativity
Galileo's crisis of relativity

Equipment supplied:

1 track
2 trolleys
1 rod with ball 1484
1 rod holder with ball
1 distance sensor
1 skein of string
1 wedge
1 base
1 clamp
1 ball with hook
1 rod with hook
1 linear ruler
1 weight 5g with hook
1 metal rod
1 pulley with rod
3 weights 10g