Hra Quisensi
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The game compendium develops and challenges the tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory senses. The action cards and the material can be adapted to suit the age and number of players and the intended learning content and developmental aims. The level of difficulty of the tasks and the duration of the game can also be tailored to match the skills and ages of the players. The instructions contain rules, tasks and suggestions for play.

Contents: 99 action cards, 9 wooden shape pairs, 12 cans with screw-on lids, 12 touch cylinders (5 pairs with different materials, 2 wooden cylinders), 1 packet of glass marbles, 10 wooden discs, 1 touch cloth, 2 large, 5 medium and 10 small touch bags, coloured rods (10 each in red, yellow, green and blue), 1 counter, 1 egg timer, 2 dice.

Players: 1 or more

Age: 3+